We're the fanpage of an advice podcast ya goof!

A fanblog for one of the funniest podcasts around. My brother, my brother, and me. (Justin/Travis/Griffin McElroy)

We are no way involved in making the podcast and we're not my brother, my brother or me. just two fans who wanted to make this. . .you know for our own selfish enjoyment.


Starting the wiki. named it fckyeambmbam. it will be changed maybe just wanted to get it up and running.

let us know of anything you really want to see added (or add it yourself. that’s fun too!). Thanks so much

fckyeambmbam =]


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Mbmbam Wiki

Did anyone start working on one? If so just drop us a line we’d like to help out anyway possible.

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Well looks like this blog has been falling on the wayside. Please forgive me. There has been a intense power struggle between the co owners. Some highlander shit went down and now there is only one. 

Now with that out of the way I’m proud to hear that MBMBAM is now a part of http://www.maximumfun.org/. I have not listened to most of the other podcasters they’re joining (except for Judge John Hodgman). The only thing I will have to get use to are the forums over at maximum fun. I have faith nothing other than that will be changed besides Travis being replaced. You had a good run though Travis. 

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You’re the best around!

2010 is coming to a slow close. It won’t go the fuck away. We’re trying to make the time go by fast so we’ve composed a top 10 list of our favorite MBMBAM moments that have brought joy to our lives.

So lets start this shit!

10: “Who Brought the Potato Salad”: It’s embarassing but this conversation is what won me over. I put the movie on my holiday list. But surprise, surprise no one can find it.

9: Secret Lover: That awkward moment when Justin got sexed up by Jacob. ” woah …I think Jacob just had sex with me. I did not see that coming.” 

8: Who/What the fuck is Ducky Crabtree?!: Everyday I google this and everyday I find NOTHING! (Episode 13)


6: Travis finally talking and just being weird: perfect example>”She’s boneing down with the Indian from Indian in the Cupboard.”

5: The addition of Bob Ball’s VO intro to the show: “What’s up cool baby?”

4: The Labor Day backlash: Are the McElroy’s liars? Whoa kid, pump those breaks next time you wake up monday and that hole in your heart is left empty because MBMBAM is on an unannounced break. 

3: Lovegoose: Think you’re in love or want to fuck a goose? Maybe you want a name for you’re crap band. Either way you best sure that shit UP! No homo or nothing but I like to fuck a goose now and then. Watch a game ,eat some corn chips, fuck a goose. Goose where’s all my bread?!! Goose get over here I’m gonna fuck you!

Damn I’m proud to admit I love my goose. God bless America!

2:Yahoo Answers: Nuff said!

1: We don’t like to pick favorites but hell. He’s the inventor of the week old grilled brat and ramen stew. He’s the queen latifah of podcasts. He brings rap and beats to MBMBAM. Our favorite of the trio (R.I.P Tony!) Griffin McElroy.

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Epi.35: Teach me how to holi-dougie

We lost our password. Our bad guys. so now to catch up


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drawing mbmbam related comics/randomness. Good or bad idea? Let me know I’m trying to celebrate the rest of teen CEO month.

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We cool?

Hey we’re going to update this thing again or at least tweet about the show.

We’ve still been listening to the podcasts. (How awesome was that live show?! If only we could have gone -sigh-)

It would be awesome to get some random submissions from you guys.

Just saying =]

MBMBAM update: if you’re on the twitter use the hashtag mbmbam forever. JJG have started a “friendship war” So the basis is to just out hashtag/rt the jjg team.

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Episode 36: Candlelights

We think its the most adequate episode from the brothers this year.


Suggested talking points: 95 and Not Alive, Jesus’ hat-expanding magic, A wizard of comedy named Patch Adams, metaphorical smudgy sticks, discretion, Kevin James’ reversible circumcision

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2011 already looking good. movie wise